HK Scan (Rose Poultry)

HKscan Denmark A/S owns and operates two poultry processing factories in Vinderup and Skovsgaard, which together process 250,000 pieces per day. This impressive output is the reason why the HKScan Group can claim the title of market leader in Denmark, Finland, and Estonia.

Service Plus from OCS Checkweighers

Claus Foldager is head of the technology department at the Vinderup plant and currently has more than a dozen machines from OCS Checkweighers integrated into his production operations. In 2012, a fire at the processing plant nearly destroyed everything and the management was forced to consider what weighing technology was needed to resume operations. “Our previous supplier was unable to give us the service we really wanted. It quickly became clear that we would need to make some changes,“ said Foldager. By word-of-mouth and deliberate research, HKScan became aware of Multicheck, the Danish distributor of OCS. “Multicheck responded quickly and demonstrated a competence that immediately convinced us with its sophisticated technology and service concept,“ said Foldager remembering the moment when the management of HKscan Denmark A/S decided to resume the Vinderup operations using weighing systems from OCS.

Protection class IP 69K for maximal cleanliness

Tim Larsen, a Multicheck sales engineer, proposed the HC-M-WD model (wash down) from OCS Checkweighers as the best answer for the operation and the management team at HKScan Denmark A/S was on board with this. The model has an innovative hygienic design. This ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements in the food processing industry (for example, HACCP). Rounded surfaces and well-defined drip edges are part of an open structure based on a particularly sturdy platform which has no hidden spaces and is designed for maximum cleanliness. Protection class IP 69K ensures full compatibility of the checkweighers when exposed to frequent and, especially, thorough cleaning cycles. The HC-M-WD‘s entire design uses stainless steel and provides for an absolutely hygienic belt system. The belts can be quickly removed from the frame for cleaning without using any tools. This model features a variable working height and flexible belt dimensions to provide for a simple and efficient integration with existing production lines. The precision stainless steel weigh cell (also IP 69K) ensures a 100% control over output with a reliable rejection system for any products having an incorrect weight. The convenient operation of the checkweigher is assured by a rotatable and tiltable operator terminal with a color touch display and easy navigation menus. HKScan relies on OCS Checkweighers to perform the weighing of whole chickens (in thermo-formed trays) and bags of individual chicken parts as they pass over the weighing belts. In all cases, metal detectors are installed upstream from the weighing process. As metallic impurities can never be excluded in the production process, this permits HKScan, in addition to determining exact product weight, to also maintain product integrity. Claus Foldager has never regretted for one moment the decision in favor of OCS Checkweighers. “The weighing technology is highly accurate and reliable and successfully withstands the frequent, intensive cleaning procedure mandated by law. Selecting Multicheck as our local service partner was the right choice.“